Sunshine Coast Bookkeeping and

Small Office BAS Specialists


How do you feel when you receive the BAS?

dog bite

  • Do you growl?
  • Do you say words like &@#%?
  • Do you feel sick?


Just imagine what it would be like

  • if your customers paid on time
  • to have peace of mind,
  • to have a clear picture of the finances,
  • to actually feel relaxed at BAS time,
  • your suppliers didn’t need to call to remind you of payments due
  • and you had time to do the things that really made a difference to your bottom line?

And more importantly, you had time to spend with

your loved ones?


iStock_000012605216SmallWell Imagine No More…

We Take The Stress Out Of Your

Small Business.

 With over 20 years in business, we understand how you feel.

We are Registered BAS Agents

what does that mean?

As of March 1st 2010 the ATO regulated the bookkeeping industry. Now, all bookkeepers providing a BAS Service are required to register as a BAS Agent.

The requirements of a BAS Agent are:

·                  Certificate iv in Financial Services or higher– Bookkeeping or Accounting

·                  Member of a recognised Professional Association

·                  Over 1000 hours relevant experience

·                  Professional Indemnity insurance

·                  Ongoing Professional Development

What does that mean for you?

In the past, a bookkeeper was able to complete a MYOB or Quicken course and start charging for their services. Unfortunately, due to their lack of experience, they often left a mess. The client could do nothing about it except find someone else who, hopefully, would be able to clean up the mess. It is a costly exercise both financially and emotionally.

As a BAS Agent there is a professional Code of Conduct in relation to:

·                  Honesty and integrity

·                  Independence (acting lawfully)

·                  Confidentiality

·                  Competence

Breaching the Code of Conduct can result in termination of the registration and Civil Penalties involving fines up to $137,500. At last there is something that can be done if you are left in a mess.

We are Registered BAS Agents so that may give you confidence in the numbers, but the Team at Small Office Services believes that great bookkeeping is not just about getting the compliance right … it’s about empowering and educating you around your finances!

Documents below for your information.

ATO BAS Agent Code of professional conduct-sanctions

ATO BAS Agent Code of professional conduct

MKT P105 ATO BAS Agent BAS Service

ATO BAS Agent Civil penalties

But what else does a small business need to thrive?

Small Office Services have been consultants and providers to many small and large businesses for over 20 years. And have provided the services that make the difference to the overall development and growth of your business.

Whether you are a self-employed professional with limited or no office staff, a small business owner with occasional special projects outside the expertise of your regular office staff, or a corporate executive who needs administrative help while your assistant is on leave, we can help you meet the needs of your business.

Outsourcing office and administrative tasks will free up your own time to focus on the core of your business and what you do best. And, if you’re like many others, you have a few special projects that have been “waiting in the wings” for your attention.

With Over 20 years Experience in Business We can help

We bring expertise, efficiency and speed to your business, helping you thrive.